Sissy Diary 26/7/13
Whoops I really ought to write more of these
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Sorry about leaving it so long between entries but I'm really starting to run out of things to type and I'm sure anyone reading these would get bored very quickly of me constantly writing about the state of my diapers. Which by the way as I type my diaper is very wet, very messy and I'm simply enjoying how babyish I feel like this.

So yeah I'm still diapered every night and definitely using them, I think if I want to become a real bedwetter I will have to really work at it. Something to do after I move I think. I am struggling with the heat wave that's hit England these past couple of weeks but aside from that I can't really add anything else.

After I move I do want to get some babyish stuff for my bedroom, that can be put away in case I have guests over. I was thinking about maybe getting some girly bedding, a toy box for my toys, a lot more toys and other things like a changing mat, a play pen etc. However it will be a long time before I can afford any of that stuff.

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