Sissy Diary 16/7/13
Yes I've finally got round to doing another one of these
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Not much to report really, I'm still wearing diapers every night and using them properly. It's been quite a long time now since I used the potty at home, although I still use the potty when out of the house as I'm not brave enough to wear my diapers in public. I will admit to not wearing my cute outfits as often as I should but that's simply due to the heat this little girl is much more comfortable going around the house naked aside from a diaper. Naughty I know but if I hadn't I would have been far too warm. Although I do have to say that baby dresses are much cooler than the yucky boy clothes I have to wear to work. 

I don't seem to be making much progress on becoming a proper bed wetter but then I'm not really trying to and I know that to really do that I would have to work very hard to overcome my night time bladder control. To be honest I'm not even sure if I'm ready to make a step like that at the moment. Maybe once I finally get this house move sorted it will be something I might be able to consider. Although once that's done I'm not sure if I will actually be able to afford to wear disposable diapers every night anymore and might have to switch to cloth ones. Time will tell I guess.

I have been having a lot of fun recently playing with my new toys and I will definitely be getting some more when I can afford to. I know I'm going to want some more teddy bears to cuddle with in bed and, some dollies and a dolls house (a barbie maybe?). More colouring books will be needed to as I'll definitely finish my current one at some point. I also need to get some cute girly bedsheets at some point. I've been meaning to for over a year but never actually got round to it.

I'm not sure when the next entry will be as I'm very busy sorting stuff for my house move so I don't have much free time.


PS Is any one still actually reading these entries I know this looks like a desperate call for attention but I would like some feed back (thanks to those who have left some) as otherwise I kinda feel like I'm talking to myself.
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