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I've been such a naughty girl please punish me
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I can't believe I've not posted another entry in my sissy diary for a week. I'm so sorry, I will say it's not entirely my fault as my internet access has been unreliable for the past few days thanks to the phone company digging up my road to upgrade something. I don't know what they did as they used lots of long words that babies like me don't understand.

However a couple of days ago everything was back to normal and I still didn't bother to post anything. But things get worse as during the past week I also lapsed and didn't wear my diapers at all for a couple of days. I'm very very sorry for being a naughty baby and know I need to be punished. I will of course follow my own punishment rules which I set in my first blog post but if anyone has any additional punishments for me I will of course do them. Nothing public though.

I'll try my very bestest over the next few days to write the regular blogs again.


PS I'm thinking of buying a few baby toys to play with if anyone has any suggestions please post those too, I've already thought of at least getting a dolly, some colouring books and crayons.

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