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starting another attempt to be a good little girl
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Hi girls. 

I've decided to start writing what will hopefully be regular blogs about my latest attempt to diaper train myself. When I say diaper train I don't mean becoming incontinent I simply mean training myself to simply wear and use diapers as often as possible. If that results in me becoming incontinent then that's great however I'm not going to specifically aim for it.

I am at heart a baby girl, but I am prone to spending long periods of time (often several months) not being who I am simply out of laziness or sometimes exhaustion after work. This doesn't do me any good as I end up being grumpy and irritable whereas when I'm truly being me I'm happy. 

So with that in mind I'm going to make a serious attempt to train myself to automatically put on a diaper and cute outfit whenever possible (ie I'm alone at home). Initially I intend to start with night time training. In other words reaching the point where I wear a diaper to bed every night without fail. Once I'm comfortable doing that I will try to move on to day time wearing when possible (mostly evenings after work and weekends).

I would love some encouragement from you girls so feel free to comment on these blogs. One other thing I would mention is that if I've been a naughty girl I might sometimes ask for a punishment but if you think I've been naughty post a punishment and the reason why I deserve to be punished and I'll do it. I'm being serious by the way, I want to be a good baby girl and the only way I'll do that is by being punished when I'm naughty. My limits are nothing public, longer than 24 hours or that involves regular use of laxatives (due to the long term damage they can cause if abused).

Right it's this baby girls bedtime so I'm going to get my padded tush off to bed.
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