All R Diaper Training part 3
been a couple of weeks so time for another update
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Hi girls,

Sorry it's been so long since the last one I've had a very busy couple of weeks at work and been too tired in the evenings to write another blog. Since I'm probably off work today with a rather nasty cold (which I caught just in time to ruin my weekend) I thought I'd better do something constructive and post an update on my diaper training (at 6 in the morning because blocked sinuses = no sleep for this little girl). Long story short things aren't going well.

After the first week I realised that I don't have enough diapers for daily wear between now (or rather then) and the next time I will be able to afford more. This is mostly because I forgot I have various expenses due very soon, car insurance and other adult stuff a baby girl like me would rather not have to deal with. The up shot of this is that between now and the new year which is when I will next have enough spare money to buy another bulk pack of diapers I'm limited to 3 or 4 diaper a week. 

So this leaves me with something of a conundrum either wear diapers at night for half the week or I thought I could go for the other obvious option which is being diapered all weekend. Personally I favour the whole weekend option as it gives me a chance to really be a baby girl for an extended period of time. However I'd really love to know what your opinions on my options are.

Thanks to everyone who has read the blogs and commented on them. Your encouragement really means a lot to me.
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