A Beginning Of Sorts
Trying to be a better sissy baby, by writing a regular blog and following a set of rules with punishment for not doing so.
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Hi girls,

This is hopefully the first in an on going series of blogs about my life as a little sissy baby. I don't want to get anyone's hopes up by promising things I can't follow up on. I'm not 24/7 (though I really really wish I was) so don't expect details of me going out in my cutest outfit and using my diapies in public. Nor should you expect too many photos as I'm a very private person and even simply writing about what I do is actually quite difficult for me.

However I do want to be a good little girl, by being the baby I am inside as much as possible and share my adventures with you all. Well as many adventures as you can have on your own indoors.  

Anyway I suppose I should tell you all a little bit about me. I've been a sissy baby for just over two years, in that time I've gone from only being able to be diapered rarely to generally being able to be diapered every night (this was simply due to money). I've slowly been building a small collection of very cute outfits, currently I've got three dresses, a nightie and a onsie. I've also got a very other babyish items like pacifiers and bottles. On top of that I've started to experiment with chastity and laxatives.

But I often lapse and spend whole weeks or even months without being diapered or wearing anything cute and quite frankly this is both upsetting to my inner baby and is causing me to regress (if that's the right word) to being more adult! To give an example a few months ago I nearly stopped being what I've started to call being diapered trained. Basically at one point I completely lost control of my bladder and bowels which made me feel so babyish but it was only when diapered, when I was wearing big girl's panties I still had complete control. Odd eh?

Anyway after a long period of not using my diapies as regularly as I should I found I was having to actively make myself fill my diapy again. Which just isn't right in my opinion.  So I'm now trying to get myself back to that state. It will take some dedication and this is where this blog comes in hopefully it will provide me with the encouragement I need to keep going and reaching my goal of being diaper trained again. 

So then what I'm going to do is post regularly about how well I'm using my diapies and about any lapses I might have. I'm also going to try to follow a series of rules designed to keep me as babyish as possible, to give me a strong incentive to follow them I will report any and all transgressions and either punish myself with a standard punishment or ask for a punishment from all of you.

Here's the rules:

1) I must be diapered every night and can only change after I have both wet and messed them.
2) Whenever possible I must also be diapered during the day.
3) When diapered I must be wearing one of my sissy outfits.

I think those rules are quite simple and I should be able to follow them but if I break them I will need to be punished. So here's the punishment.

Whenever I deserve to be punished I must at the earliest opportunity spend two nights and the day between them in a diaper. That's right no changes by the end of that time the rash should be punishment enough but there will also be the yukky smell to deal with and I've thought of an additional rule I will have to follow during that time:

4) When being punished I must before the first night drink a bottle of formula which contains a double dose of laxative and with each meal during the following day I should have a bottle of formula with a single dose of laxative. 

The idea behind this is that I will end up with absolutely no control whether I like or not, which should reinforce the idea that I am a baby girl and that I do need diapers.
Of course if anyone thinks of additional punishments on top of that I will try my very bestest to do as you tell me.

So hopefully from now on I will be a good girl and wear my diapers every night and whenever possible during the day as I really don't want to have to go through with that punishment.

I'll try to write another blog entry tomorrow.

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