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suggestions to make finding the next chapter in a story easier.
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Hey Girls,
   I know there has been some debate over the years about where to add new chapters to stories. Some of us add the new chapters after the comments but some prefer the next one to be posted directly after the older chapters.

    Personally, I think it is easier to find the new chapters when they are posted after the comments on the previous chapter. However when reading an old story, I prefer it to be all in one post. It sounds confusing but I have a solution/suggestion to fix this.

    When posting a new chapter(which ever of the two ways to do it) please change the title to let us know that a new chapter is added. Then if you post in the same post as the other chapters, it would be nice if It was a different colour, size or font. Perhaps You could add a large space between the new and the old chapters with a large, underlined   "CHAPTER #__"  between the two. Something so we can see easier where to begin reading. This is especially important when writing a story that exceeds 10 chapters. When you get to a story with 20 or 30 chapters, it is extremely important to be able to differentiate between chapters easily, because we need more than one or two sittings to read the whole thing.

    I know it is a kind of nit-picky thing to write about on my first blog. But I originally came here just to read the stories.  I know I have not yet posted any of my stories, but when I do, I will post all chapters together and try to make an effort to show you where one chapter ends and the next begins.

Huggs and Snuggs,
Alyssa Dee
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