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My name is Jason by birth name but I picked my female name to be Adena.

I just really like that name and its unique and you don't hear that name very often at all which is pretty much like me. I am a Transgender Woman that still lives very much as a Man but inside my soul I am struggling with the fact that I have always felt like I should be a woman and not a man.

I grew up in the state of Wisconsin and spent most of my life in that state and only left when I was in the Military for 3 years and then worked in retail for about ten years until I decided to move and I have been working seasonal jobs throughout the United States.

I am currently living in South Dakota but I am going to Montana for the winter since I got a job working at a ski resort this winter. Oh by the way I love to ski and I enjoy getting out on the slopes and just letting loose on the snow.

Within the last year or so all the suppressed feelings that I have kept hidden for so long have come out with a passion and I have realized that its so hard for me to suppress those feelings anymore. I want to be a woman more than anything. If I won the lottery tomorrow I would spend all the money to start my transition to becoming a woman, that is how badly I want to be a woman.

I dress up when I can and I love to wear panties every day under my male clothes and love the feelings of panties and how they make me, they make me feel as close to femme that I can feel like.

Over the years I have collected clothes but then when the feelings are suppressed again I get rid of them after awhile. I am sure if I just would have kept them all I would have a nice collection by now. I just feel like being in female clothes is me and I just feel so comfortable, its so relaxing and at ease.
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