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So, hello everyone!

I am an abdl/ daddy switch, meaning I like both roles. I am also into sissyfication and bondage.
Abdl wise, I like just about everything. I like the diapers, cute outfits, messing, bottles, pacifiers, and the entire idea of it. I enjoy it both as a forced thing and as a willing thing.
As for sissy stuff, I like the pink clothes and embarrassment. I mainly like it as a punishment along with abdl stuff.
Bondage wise, I like spankings, getting tied or locked in cribs/cages, anything forced, ect.
I guess my favourite scenario involved someone being forced into the abdl role (and sissy if they are a male), along with pink onesies and dresses and thick diapers. They are spanked, embarrassed, and forced to mess. As a switch, I enjoy both sides of this, so the baby or the caretaker.
I also like the idea later on that I (or the baby) enjoys it and accepts the role.
Aside from this stuff, I also like playing music (I play a few instruments), reading, movies, biking, and martial arts. I also like writing, and have written a few abdl and sissy stories I will be posting.

Please feel free to message me!

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