umm hi im new and need help please?
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so im really new to this stuff to be honest my boyfriend is into it and i kept an open mind because i love him and i gave a shot and to my surprise found that i like alot maybe even more then him lmao but i guess im posting this because being new im not sure of the many diferent things i can try or ways to go about being as cute as possible so if there is anyone who can help me id be for ever gratefull i am open to any suggestion mostly at this point all we really have done is diapers sukkies and bottle oh and teethers also we like baby powder and baby oil but so far thats all we have and id like more suggestion on how to make it better and more fun i enjoy alot acting like a little girl putting my hair in pigtails and playing with my doll that he bought me but id like to know more about this kinda a stuff and like i said how to make it more fun so please please write back thanx
lots of love,
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Welcome to SissyKiss! To have more fun, surprise him by dressing him up as a little girl.

Loving Sissy Jamie
Welcome from Sissy JJ. Yessy, dress him up in oodles of frilly pink satin with stockings, petticoats, etc! 
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what a lucky boyfriend to have found some'one like you,xx
Baby Butch
Nice to meet you, welcome to the site. Schoolgirl outfits are always fun to wear and a naughty Schoolgirl needs a spanking.
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I hope everyone has a wonderful day!
Cushie Chloe
Welcome to sissykiss. As the '10 pageant winner I want you to know that we are all friends here and I would also love to be your online mommy or daddy or mistress or sissy if you like  )

I wuv everyone no matter what.
I am happy to take any cutie that needs me :)

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