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Hello, umm, so i'm sissy kitty, and I joined a while ago, but I've been to shy to post anything, finally worked up the courage too and thought I would say hi. I am new to my sissy side and still exploring it, hoping this site will help me understand it better in a Β supportive way. Also if it wasn't obvious I love cats because they are so warm and soft and cuddly. Anyway umm so yeah. hi everyone.
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Welcome!Β  We can always use more sissy kitties around here!

Come visit my tumblr for pics of me in diapers: [Adventures In Diapers]
Follow me and ask me things on it, please! :3
Baby Butch
Welcome to Sissy Kiss, nice to meet you. : )
I posted my Awards in a Blog. Here is a link to view them.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!
Cushie Chloe
Of course, everyone is welcome! I hope you have a wonderful time on here and make lots of new friends. If you need anything, feel free to send me a message.
Hugs and Kisses!

I wuv everyone no matter what.
I am happy to take any cutie that needs me :)

Princess Jaina
Hello and welcome :)

You are in the right place. Β Most of here are in the midst of exploring out sissy selves. Β I know I am.

And I also love cats, for all the same reasons!
Have courage and be kind... and may the Force be with you, always!Β 
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