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hi my name is dinobaby im just discovering my sissy side and not 2sure where to start what sissy clothing should i try out 1st i was thinking a pair of frilly pink panties as im also an ab as well also can any1 recommend online shops for me to buy from as im still very new to it and hope to get into it more
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Baby Butch
Welcome to Sissy Kiss Dino Baby. I am sure you will like it here. www.pleasingpanties.com sells many brands of womens panties. Even from the 50's, 60's, and 70's. I like www.babykins.com for diapers and rubber panties.
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Hello from Sissy JJ! 
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Sissy Jenni
Hi & welcome to SissyKiss!!

I think Baby Butch has very good suggestions for sites to shop. In addition, I think that www.sissykissboutique.com has a good selection of frilly clothes including panties. I also think www.bambinodiapers.com has a good selection of diapers and rubber panties as well. Either way, have fun!!
Sissy Jenni
Kimmie Toddler Girl
Hi dinobaby!
Welcome to sissykiss, I hope you like it here. I see you've gotten some good advise from the girls already, may I recommended a pretty baby dress as well? There are many site on the web that make them and the outfits in the sissykiss store are soo cute, I haven't got one ......yet. So far i've gotten all my dresses from www.fantasylandproducts.com they're good, I've got five dresses from them over the years and I love them!!!
Sissy Jenni
Oh, then again..SissyKiss Buotique.com is one of my favs, but they have a lot of ribbons to tie! Very Victorian!! Their materials are super soft tho!! I so love their lace and thingies. And their taste in colors are excellent too!!

One word of caution: Their corsets have the longest shoe-strings I have ever seen in my life! THey are not meant to do alone! :)
Sissy Jenni
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