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PLEASE READ IF YOU HAVE TIME this is going to be a long read  thank you for taking the time to read it hello i'm Sarah Anne i'm a sissy girl i been a sissy all my life i guess i should start at the beginning when i was a baby my mom dress me in girls clothes dresses skirts blouses tops you see she work 5 and half days a week she did the best she could there just seem to never have enough money for clothes my mom would take me shopping out to eat sometimes if we had the money than one day she said you know you being dress as a girl all the time i guess being out like this i should give you a girls name i said okay she said well before you dad name you william robert if i had a girl i was going to name her Sarah Anne so i will just start calling you Sarah Anne well she got where she called me Sarah all the time at home every where even my some of my aunts and uncles called me Sarah but when mom get upset with me it was Sarah Anne  my aunt would give me my cousin Linda hand me downs her dresses skirts pants shorts  blouses tops shoes sandals she told my mom that she give me Linda's clothes because all she had was girls if i wear them i wear them from the time i was 3 years old till now when i went to school i wear dresses skirts blouses tops i never felt that i was a boy everyone even most of my aunts and uncles thought i was a girl people would say what a cute little girl even the school thought i was a girl i use the girls bathroom in school from kindergarten to the 7th grade i'm getting ahead of myself a little people would ask me my uncles aunts others if i was a boy or a girl i say i'am a  girl my mom ask me one day do you think you are a boy or a girl i said mom i'm a girl that all i want to be is a girl you see my dad was never around much he only came around when he was drunk or when his money ran out my mom came from a family that just did not believe in divorces so she stayed married to him he never had much to do with me anyway from being born in the 50s you was a boy or a girl it just was not heard of my male cousins and other boys would call me sissy sissy girl gay queer i was always getting beaten up in school from the time i was 7 years old into my teens i live in Chicago till i was 11 years old when my dad came back into mine and my mom life again said we were moving to Florida now all this time from kindergarten to 6 th grade i been wearing dresses skirts blouses to school i never stand up to pee i always sat down i always use the girls bathroom till we move to Florida i was in the 7th grade i can remember my first day in the 7th grade i rode the bus the kids all tease me because i was wearing a pink skirt with a white with pink flowers blouse and white sandals my finger and toe nails polished pink my mom had taken me to the salon had my hair done i had a pink bow in my hair when i got off the bus i was called to the office as i sat there and waited for the principal to call me in his office well after about an hour he call me in and said you know william you can't wear girls clothes to school i first said my name is not william it is Sarah he said sorry your birth papers say its william i called you mother she will be here in about an hour well mom got the the it was on he ask me are you a boy or a girl i said i'am a girl well he said the birth papers say you are a boy i remember crying saying i'm a girl mom told him i wear what i wanted to wear to school well i was sent home the  next day my mom and I had to go in front of the school board i wore a dress carried my purse fix my hair than after about 3 hours there they said the only way to settle this is to see the juvenile court in front of the judge well here i'am in a skirt blouse hair done makeup in front of the juvenile judge everyone had their turn to say their peace than it came my turn i was sitting in the chair next to the judge and she ask me all kinds of questions than it came do you think you are a boy or a girl i said i'am a girl judge she said she be back in 15 min.  with her decision the judge came back me sitting next to her she said i decided that you will wear pants to school i don't care if the are girls pants but pants top blouse shoes of your choice i ask did i have to cut my hair she said no the school board did not like it or the school than she said to my mom that i was to go to a psychiatrist for a period of 6 months at lease once a week we agreed the next day i went to school in my girls pants a blouse sandals with my purse i was told that i would have to take gym with the boys well i went into the boys locker room the teasing started because i would not get undress in from of them being call sissy queer faggot and all of the other names to go with it well after about a week 4 big boys drag me in th the shower and beat me up left me laying there crying and hurt well the coach found me took me to the office i was told i need to figure out a way to go to gym class than the girls coach came in i never forget her se had the best way coach Chan said she take care of it so everyday i had to go to her office wait till all the girls were dress and outside than i get my gym clothes on she let me dress out with the girls and take gym class with the girls she send me in early to take my shower and get dressed than i go outside while the other girls got dressed time went on i was going to school dances wearing dresses i was the kid with very few friends i did how ever have 3 best friends  Gail, Kathy, Sandra we hang out together i get to stay at their house when we had a slumber party and they come over to my house for slumber party we talk about makeup clothes yes even boys i was the kid in school that you see sitting on the bench reading a book or doing homework never had a girl friend but i did have one boy friend all the way through school his name was Jerry Freeman he ask me to the school dance my first date with a boy i was 15 years old  my mom would not let me date till than Jerry was my first date my first real kiss and my first to have sex with well life went on as it always does when i was 17 my dad decided that it was time i said time for what time for you to be a man stop all this i told him i was no man and never will be well he said you are getting married to a girl rather you like it or not well i did not like it but i got married to a girl did not last long one thing we were to young it lasted about 2 years when she found out i was wearing her clothes and caught me in a dress out with a guy we did have 2 kids which i stay with my daughter now till i get a place of my own again i live as a woman 24/7 wear women clothes ever since my divorce i did live with a guy for over 10 years as his wife here i'am still a sissy girl if that what you want to call me i'am a woman trapped in a man body i let her out a long time ago i happy i love myself i'm who i'am i'am a trans woman i'm not afraid anymore  I'AM Sarah Anne A Sissy Girl                                                            mom called me most of the time Sarah Anne now that you know me you have a best friend always also to know me is to love me 
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Very nice story. I am a sissy also. I have been for almost 67 years. While I am old I learned a long time ago to be true to who you are. Wear mens clothes when you have to but look for that special someone to love you as you are. I feel blessed I have that person, my wife who loves me as I am. I wish the same for you.
Welcome to SIssykiss! Please, stick around, read us when you have time, and share your thoughts with us. I too, had feminine feelings when I was young.  I would raid the laundry hamper and try on my sister's panties. Now, I wear feminine underwear all the time. Wish I had more opportunities to dress up, though.

Curtsies and flounces and swishes in the best young girl tradition,
Sarah Anne god bless you sweet little girl. I've been a sissy my whole life so I am aware after 66 years on this earth what it is all about. We relate here on Sissy Kiss. It is good to unload all those negative people in your life. Stay as you are, be happy, stay in your pretty dresses. No one can tell you how to live or what to wear. Glad that you are with us for verbal hugs and kisses and wishes for your continued happiness. We love you for the sissy girl you are and we understand!
I love all the world
I am a sissy girl
I am a woman 
nice story somewhat better support from family and school that I had growing up
welcome to sissykiss it nice to meet you  
 Princess are kind, brave, beautiful and determined they can do or be anything 
even change the world.  

 All girls are princess what you see in the Mirrors doesn't define you.
It doesn’t meter if you weren't born a girl. As long as your one at heart you too
are a princess 

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